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Peels, Medical Grade Facials

Medical-grade facials or chemical peels are a  powerful exfoliation tool used for a variety of skin concerns. It works best to remove dead skin cells, reverse sun damage. It also works wonders in fading acne scarring, getting rid of hyperpigmentation, unwanted freckles, skin tightening and rosacea. 

There are different grades of chemical peels that are available at Terwillegar Salon & Spa. The peels are categorized according to their strength, how deep they get into the skin, and how long the solution is left. 

The mild peels like a glycolic peel work best on the outer layer of the skin, also known as superficial peels.

Medium depth peels are the ones that work deeper by applying skin irritants to the surface of the skin, which helps in the formation of fresh skin. 

A deeper and abrasive chemical peel is a more intense treatment that causes the epidermis layer to break down. At the time of the procedure, it is not uncommon to experience mild stinging or heat. Once the solution is removed from the surface of the skin, it is followed by a cold compress to soothe the treated area. 

Our beauty therapists can advise you with the best-suited peels for your skin-related concerns and goals. 

1 Hour - (Starting at) $120

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Skin & Body

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This cosmetic procedure, although minimally invasive, goes a long way in collagen production. Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy. It works best for skin that has acne scarring, stretch marks, sun spots, and anti-ageing concerns.

The procedure uses a Derma roller/Dermapen that consists of tiny needles that simultaneously prick the skin. The mild trauma intended during the treatment helps in collagen production and the renewal of skin tissues. As a result of this treatment, the appearance of the skin becomes smooth, firm and toned. Microneedling is mainly done on the face or scalp. The treatment is a well-known one to help with scars, wrinkles and large pores. The needles' permeation into the dermis enables stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis. The uniform and automatic movement of the microneedles ensures that you do not experience a lot of pain or discomfort. Additionally, it allows for even absorption of topical serums and acids as per requirement. 


The treatment does not require downtime so, no need to worry about staying in for days after getting this done. Minor redness is to be expected post-treatment that should go away in a few days after the treatment. This treatment can also be the next step for your skin woes if peels have not had the desired result you wanted. It's essential to wear sunscreen post-treatment (and anytime you are stepping out of the house). People in good health are perfect candidates for micro-needling treatment. If you are on acne medication or pregnant, or lactating, it's best to avoid it. The total preparation and procedure time for the treatment is about two hours. 


For best results, it is advised to do a minimum of four sessions. 

To find out more, speak to our skincare specialists. 

1 Hour - (Starting at) $300



This procedure entails the use of an exfoliating blade almost as thin as a scalpel which is used on the skin- primarily the face - and helps to skim the dead skin and hair from the surface. Dermaplanig is also called microplanning or simply blading. 


The procedure aims to smoothen the skin surface giving it a smooth radiance along with a healthy glow. Dermaplaning is said to be effective with skin concerns like deep scarring, uneven pockmarks. Still, more importantly, it is one of the best ways to get rid of the peach fuzz - light hair from the face. Regular sessions of this procedure can help you achieve a more bright and youthful complexion with even and smooth skin. So, if you do not have a scarring issue but are tired of dull skin, dry skin or sun-damaged skin, Dermaplaning could just be the remedy for you. 

1 Hour - (Starting at) $75



Facial include cleanses, steam, exfoliates, extractions massage, and Mask

1 Hour - (Starting at) $65

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The Ultimate Facials

Includes Dermaplaning, Oxygen, LEDTherpy, DeepCleansing, EnzymaticExfoliation, Multiple Masks Customized to your skin needs and goals.


Ultimate Facial double cleansing using the microexfoliation to jump start skin stimulation and rejuvenation steam will be use to open the pores, includes dermaplaning is safe and non-invasive procedure that will remove dull skin cells, allows better penetration of serums, and leave a glowing complexion... multiplecalming and collagen stimulating mask specific to your skin needs will be used. Finish this ultimate facial experience with serums n sun protecting moisturizer.

1 Hour - (Starting at) $169

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Micro-Oxy Infusion Facials

This is a non-medical procedure, unlike chemical peels, micro-needling or Dermaplaning. Hence, no injectables, no chemicals and no needles. This facial works on the concept of the body's need for oxygen and induces skin cells with oxygen that make the skin appear brighter and give it a dewy glow. One of the benefits of this facial is that it allows the skin to absorb hyaluronic acid easily, which, as we all know, is the secret to radiant-looking skin. Additionally, oxygen is essential when it comes to keeping the skin cells hydrated. The oxygen wands used during this facial infuse the skin with serums, making the skin super hydrated and, yes, dewy! What's more, it aids in fighting acne and healing while killing bacteria that are known to bring your skin down. 

So, if you are looking for a more even skin tone and a brighter appearance with relief on wrinkles, this facial is for you.

1 Hour - (Starting at) $120

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Deluxe Anti-Aging Facials

As the name suggests, these facials target concerns for mature skin. Similar to other facials, the anti-ageing facials also include a variety of steps, for instance, cleansing, exfoliation and facial masking. As the skin matures, it loses elasticity and collagen production, making the skin dull in appearance and more slack. As a result of which the fine lines and wrinkles are visible and get more prominent with time. The Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facials help combat these issues by utilizing myriad beauty and skincare techniques. 

1 Hour - (Starting at) $139

Some of the well-known techniques that fall under Anti-Ageing facials are-  

Exfoliation - it's mainly designed to get rid of dead skin cells from the out layer of the skin, giving way to healthier and dewy skin. Exfoliation does wonders if your concerns are related to a dull and uneven skin tone. 


Another technique is microdermabrasion. Another exfoliation treatment where abrasive crystals are used on the face helps remove the dead skin cells uncovering a radiant complexion that is even and healthy. This treatment consists of a hand-held device that shoots the abrasive particle and then, through suction, sucks them back in. No reason to worry; this is entirely pain-free.


Collagen facial is yet another technique in the arsenal of anti-ageing facials. The products used in this facial helps collagen secretion in the skin. Most collagen facials include retinol which has the collagen-boosting ability to leave the skin taut and firm. Along with the retinoids, these facial also use vitamin C and E to improve the skin's elasticity. 


Hydrating and light therapy techniques are also incredibly popular with mature skin. Hydrating facials bring relief to dry skin by soothing it and preventing further dryness. Light therapy, or phototherapy, uses LED light for skin rejuvenation. This helps to boost collagen production in the body resulting in skin elasticity and thickness. It is also an excellent way to get rid of pigmentation related to sun damage.