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Skin and Body

Induces a state of deep relaxation. Increases circulation to the entire body, improves immunity, reduces feelings of stress and fighting muscle fatigue.



Treats conditions such as overuse injuries (i.e. tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome), sports injuries/recovery, whiplash and other injuries


Nail Art

Relieves chronic aches and pain.  Minimizing lower back pain, releasing tension of tight muscles in a stiff neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and legs.



Reduces back pain. Reduced joint pain. Improved circulation. Reduced edema. Reduced muscle tension and headaches. Reduced stress and anxiety.

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Laser - IPL

A modern adaptation of traditional cupping techniques that were used to stimulate energy meridians and physical structures.

Manicure Salon


One of the oldest hair removal methods and is still the most popular amongst people of all ages. Here's a bit of history for you.


Photo Rejuvenation

The IPL or the intense pulsed light is effective on skin that is damaged due to sun exposure. 

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