8 Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Hair removal is a common practice around the world. While some persons prefer to trim or remove only facial hair or the hair on the limbs, others prefer completely hairless body parts, whether visible or not. There are no rules for hair removal, and the choice of removing body hair is open to everyone, regardless of age or gender. However, it is essential that you opt for a painless hair removal technique and does not harm your skin. Here are eight ways to remove unwanted body hair, some of which can even be done at home.


This is one of the simplest techniques of hair removal and requires no assistance. You can either get an electric shaver or a disposable razor and remove your body hair in no time. However, razors tend to leave bumps or scars and even cause skin irritation if not utilized with the right kind of shaving cream.


This hair removal technique works for stray hair on the face or body. It is mainly used to remove unwanted strands of hair on chins or your eyebrows. Unlike shaving, tweezing your hair can be painful and time-consuming. However, it takes more time for plucked hair to grow back as opposed to shaving.


Threading is a popular hair removal technique for your face. It is used widely to shape eyebrows, remove upper lip hair, and other kinds of chin or neck hair. Some people find the process of threading painful, so it’s crucial you use the right thread. The hair is not uprooted from its roots, so it grows back quickly.

Hair Removal Creams

Using creams to remove body hair is a painless procedure and can work on larger areas. They’re a better alternative to shaving as it takes longer for your hair to grow back when you use creams. However, you need to be careful with the brand of cream you use, as your skin could be allergic to some of them.


If you want your hair gone for a long time, waxing is your best option. The process can be painful unless used with suitable waxing materials. Like plucking, waxing rips your hair off from the roots, giving you a hairless body for a more extended period. Waxing can be done both in salons and by yourself at home.


You can buy an epilator to remove hair from your face and body. These devices pull out one strand of hair at a time, causing you anything between mild irritation and burning pain, depending on your threshold for pain. The hair is pulled from its roots, which takes it longer to grow back.


This is one of the permanent hair removal methods. It involves placing a needle with an electric current in the hair follicle. With the use of heat or chemicals, the follicle is destroyed and the hair does not grow back. This process is slow and painful, and works best on smaller areas of your body.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser is a more preferred method of permanent hair removal. Unlike electrolysis, it uses light to destroy pigment cells and takes about four or more treatments to remove hair completely. Laser is ideal for darker and thicker hair growth, and offers a painless experience for permanent hair removal.

Besides the hair removal techniques mentioned above, you can also use medications that lower your hair growth or bleach your hair to match your skin tone. For more permanent hair removal options, opt for a laser treatment at Terwelligar Salon and Spa. We offer a wide range of professional services and provide the best care for our clients.

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